Our Sun is adrift among the stars. As our home star moves through the galaxy, so to do the other stars. This means that the apparent positions of the stars […]

When you think of a family tree, you probably think of human ancestry, and how we can trace our ancestors back to different geographical regions. All living things have a […]

Cepheid variable stars are most commonly known as a standard candle for measuring galactic distances. That’s because they vary in brightness at a rate proportional to their average brightness.  But they can also tell us something […]

Two thousand light years from Earth is a star known as Epsilon Aurigae. It’s a third magnitude star most of the time, but about every 27 years it dims to about half […]

El hierro que hace que mi sangre sea roja se creó en el instante en el que murió una estrella. – Michelle Thaller Michelle Thaller, la directora asociada de comunicación científica […]