Al igual que las estrellas, las galaxias también evolucionan y, llegado un momento, mueren. Las galaxias pueden morir por si solas o pueden ser “asesinadas”. Sin embargo, el asesinato de […]

The constellation Grus represents a crane. Please note that we mean the large gangling-legged fish-eating bird, not the big load-lifting construction machine. We’re basically talking three stars here so you […]

There is a small constellation near Cassiopeia which looks like her but is a smaller “W” shape. It is Lacerta, which means lizard. It is considered part of the Perseus […]

Yesterday the kilometer-wide asteroid 2014 JO25 passed within 1.8 million kilometers of Earth. Although that’s nearly 5 times farther than the Moon, it’s a “near miss” by astronomical standards. If […]